How to Stay Safe when Traveling by Taxi

Everyone should feel safe and enjoy every time they travel.
To have a great experience we would like to share with you some useful tips:

1. Check the car.

Check and visually inspect your car before you get in (to see if it matches with the car promised from the WARP’s application).

2. Check for a badge.

The taxi driver is required to carry and display their ID badge in the vehicle.

3. Stay in the back seat.

This way you and the driver will have extra space. This also ensures your pickups and drop offs.

4. Let someone know you are traveling.

Share your journey with someone else, let them know that you are traveling by taxi and approximately how long your trip will take – even if that person isn't local.

5. Be familiar with emergency numbers.

If you're traveling in a foreign country, make sure you know what number to call if the cab ride takes a turn for the worse and you need assistance.

6. Be responsible when you’re drinking.

Traveling with WARP is ideal when you’re having a drink, but you have to be responsible. Respect the driver and avoid making a mess.