WarpSpeed Taxi Inc. (WRPT) Announces Agreement to Collaborate with NextFind AI in using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Global Mineral Exploration and Name Change to Nextfind.AI

Resource Exploration AI Engine

Our proprietary AI Engine will revolutionize the processing of Global Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflections Radiometer (ASTER) data and be capable of continuously updating and verifying its knowledge of key data signal clusters that correlate to known important elemental and alteration assemblages.

The process will save millions in exploration dollars and lead to the discovery of new precious metal and mineral deposit targets worldwide potentially worth billions.

AI Engine Medical Platform

By leveraging the same AI anomaly detection platform, process applications lend themselves to help medical diagnoses in detecting fractures, tumors, subtle abnormalities and patterns, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing diagnostic speed and accuracy.

With our incredible access to numerous hospitals and health care professionals across India our platform will be able to rapidly expand into many sectors of practice and conditions.

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Destination In Town

The concept behind WarpSpeedTaxi is to provide scalable and affordable Ride hailing solution all over USA.

All in one Application

WarpSpeedTaxi combines ride-hailing, as well as food, grocery, and courier delivery all into one application. The service will be more affordable to both customers and businesses all the while creating a much larger target market for drivers.



We get to your location.


Courier Delivery

We transport your packages.


Food & Grocery Delivery

We get your food at your home.

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A new ERA for Taxi services: WarpSpeedTaxi introduction!
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Why choose us

Freedom to go anywhere

The WarpSpeedTaxi is always under your command. You can drive to any part of the country.


Your car is pre-checked and verified at the pickup station.

Convenient pickup

Easy availability of cars across the city’s popular spots.

Other Features

WarpSpeedTaxi customers has the opportunity of not only hiring a ride through a smartphone-based app, but also being able to use the extra feature of delivery.