WarpSpeedTaxi is pleased to announce the launching of its worldwide partnerships.

WarpSpeedTaxi has a unique plan to offer its platform to Joint-Venture partners around the world. This will allow WarpSpeed Taxi to provide services in every country and partner with local businessman, businesswomen and investors.

The Joint-Venture partner will benefit with:

  • Owning a 49% of National Taxi company and receive 50% of this company’s profit.
  • The Investment will be limited to the cost of operating WarpSpeed Taxi for 6 months in a given country.
  • All the funds will remain in the country and will be spent by the JV partner to pay expenses.
  • None of the investment money will be paid to WarpSpeedTaxi who will receive a 51% ownership and 50% operating profits from the local operation.
  • WarpSpeed Taxi will receive a 2.5% of the gross revenue for the use of it’s software and an additional 2.5% of the gross revenue for Backend services.
  • The local company and the JV partner will be responsible for all local expenses including customer and frontend services, local marketing etc.

We are inviting individuals or companies that are interested on becoming joint venture partners with WarpSpeedTaxi to contact us. Once a partner is qualified, this opportunity will be closed for anyone else in that country.

Below is a list of simple process that will be followed for each country:

  1. The local JV Partner will confirm they have the require investment to pay for the first 6 months of operation.
  2. A formal agreement will be entered into between the JV Partner and WarpSpeed Taxi.
  3. The Investment will be deposited into a local lawyer’s trust account mutually agreed by both parties.
  4. A local JV company will be incorporated and appropriate bank accounts will also be opened.
  5. WarpSpeedTaxi will customize the software for the country within a 60 to 90 day period.
  6. The JV partner with setup the office and staff within the 60 to 90 day period.
  7. Operations to commence within the 90 to 120 days of signing the agreement.

You can register by providing us your contact information:

    If you are interested contact us