Do I have to get to the airport earlier?

Are you trying to find out if you have to arrive at the airport earlier or not? You are not alone. I was there. Being caught in long security queues and late flights can ruin your travel plans. Many times, we have no idea what chaos will occur at the airport, because we have not experienced it yet. Things like weather, traffic, people and even getting stuck in an elevator can cause delays or no travel.

We strongly recommend arriving at least 2 hours in advance. Here are some reasons why:

If you arrive early, you can relax and enjoy the trip.

If you get stuck waiting for the flight, you won’t enjoy the trip. Plan ahead and make sure you are relaxed, refreshed and ready to enjoy your time there at the finish line.

You can do much more for your flight.

If you’re traveling for work, you’re probably running around trying to cram all your last-minute tasks, from toiletries to travel size.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, you still have time to find a solution.

Have you ever thought “Hmmm, I hope my flight isn’t delayed?” … and then it’s done? However, “Maybe the delay isn’t such a big deal because I can still go to the same place.” Such thoughts come to mind every time we sit at the airport and wait for our delayed flight. However, nowadays you can use tools to find alternatives if your flight is canceled. So, you can wait until it solves the problems with your original flight, or get there in another way.

If you are flying within a country, it is usually better to arrive at the airport sooner than later – especially if you are flying a small regional or domestic carrier with limited direct flights from that destination. If you arrive late, there is a possibility that your flight will be booked and there will not be enough seats for all passengers. If this happens, some people may be asked to wait until another flight is scheduled later in the day or morning.